Leonardo Di Donato




Leo is an Open Source Senior Software Engineer with a fondness for Security, eBPF, and Linux kernel in general.

He loves to mix such low-level concepts with Kubernetes and Cloud Native stuff. He’s a core maintainer of Falco, the CNCF tool for Runtime Security, focusing on its low-level tech stack.

He’s also involved in the Linux Foundation’s eBPF project (IO Visor) as a co-author and maintainer of the kubectl-trace projectA kubectl plugin to quickly schedule bpftrace programs on your Kubernetes clusters..

He created other successful Open Source projects like bpfcovA tool to obtain source-based code coverage for eBPF programs running in the Linux kernel., go-syslogA blazingly fast Go parser for Syslog messages and their transports., and many others. He’s been in the CNCF Security TAG since its early days.

This website is his garden 🌱 containing a loosely organized assortment of his research, personal projects, rantings, and other random notes. This website is a space where he stores, shares, and works on ideas. Do not expect the entries here to be coordinated, or even complete at all.

Nevertheless, you will likely find something interesting here inside.

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