Comments Policy

As you may have noticed, I don’t allow commenting on my blog.

Why such a decision?

I was setting up an external service to handle comments on this website…

While doing so, I realized I won’t like to clog my static fancy website with JavaScript, cookies, and heaven only knows what else of yet another audience service.

Furthermore, let’s speak the truth: comments rarely improve a discussion.

They are an invaluable source of spam, entropy, wasted CPU cycles.

So, I’m not going to play with it.

There are plenty of ways to let me know what you think if you really want to. I guess there are even more reasons to let me know I am wrong on something.

Don’t get me wrong: I value communication and constructive dialogues. In fact, it’s for this exact reason I won’t open the floor to basically everyone on the Internet to post crap here I don’t even want to look at, let alone read.

I’m sure that people having something valuable to say about my posts know how to reach me.

If that’s the case, I invite you to contact me over Twitter.

I’ll listen and – maybe – even reply.